Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Variation on a theme - another version of the Celtic Cable sweater vest

No pattern this time as such, I just wanted to post about the new version of the Celtic Cable Sweater Vest I've recently finished. I was pleased to see lots of interest in this patttern, especially the hat - I'm in the process of making/designing more hats and other accessories, which I'm intending to put on Ravelry later.
This time I used a dark grey marl DK yarn, again unbranded, but possibly Jarol Heritage, a colour I can wear with my red, green and purple tops. I substituted an extended Saxon Braid panel, flanked with double rope cables, with the number of stitches adding up to 54 as in the pattern. Although I had visualised the braid, I found that someone had already worked out the stitch pattern, so I can't really claim it as my own - see The Barrington Braid here.

I made the collar the same as before, with hidden buttons and buttonholes at the front edge of the collar so it can be fastened right up.

Detail of the cable pattern is shown on the right.

Happy cabling!